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5 Things You Have to Do in Phillipines

1. Museum & Historical Sites Visit in Manila

Phillipines is a country of interesting history because of its almost four century long colonial past, first the Spaniards then the Americans. The Spanish first introduced Christianity to the country in the 16th century and nowadays over 92% of the population identifies as Christian. Take a leisure look around Manila and you will find yourself easily drawn to the old Catholic churches with the most intricate details and the museums telling the rich story of Phillipines' riveting past.

2. Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls, Cebu

If you are an adventurous explorer, canyoneering through the Filipino jungle to reach the main Kawasan waterfalls is a must. Trekking and cliff jumping are main activities that shouldn't be missed. Locals will gladly take you on a well-worth guided tour for only a small fee. The dense turquoise water and various jumping points along the way encourage you to make a big splash.

3. Kayaking in Puerto Princesa Underground River

There are many things to do on the island of Puerto Princesa. Considered as one of the 7 Wonders of Nature and a UNESCO heritage site, the Underground River is the most famous attractions, in Palawan. Take a 15 minute boat ride to enjoy the view of million years old rocks on the way, then get acquainted with the native animals before going on a kayaking tour through a narrow entrance to the cave with one of the most unique natural phenomenon waits inside!

4. A Relaxation Stay in Boracay

Easily one of the most famed resort islands, Boracay's famous 4 km long white sand beach is everyone's social media goal. Due to the increasing tourist demand and worsening environmental conditions, the island was temporarily closed for a "cleanse" last year. Though the island has reopened to visitors now, the number of visitors has been strictly limited and there is also a ban on wild beach parties.

5. Street Food Crawl

There is no way to leave the Philippines without experiencing its local cuisines. Philippines' bustling street food scene has been featured across media representations over the years. From Manila to Cebu, the variety of street foods and rich flavours offering the best of fusion cuisines perfectly capture the Filipino history and culture in a bite.


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