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Relianz forex opens in Wellington

Auckland’s popular money transfer and money exchange services, Relianz Forex, opened its first branch outside Auckland city, in Wellington on August 21.

The Wellington branch is located in the iconic Old Bank Arcade building on the capital’s busy Lambton Quay. The building is rich in history and is a popular stop on the itineraries of walking tours of the city. Its shopping arcade has a variety of stores and cafes that are busy throughout the day.

“Though we’ve had requests from Wellington to start our services for some time, we wanted to fine tune our service delivery in Auckland before we ventured out,” says Relianz Forex Director Giri Giridharan. “We are now confident we can offer our same high standards of service outside Auckland.”

Relianz has six branches throughout the city in Auckland. It has added a branch a year on average in the six years it has been in existence. Relianz is well recognized by the Indian and South Asian community for its customer service, business ethics, good exchange rates and strong commitment to compliance.

The branch was ceremonially inaugurated as Pandit Jagdish Prasad of the well-known Higher Taste vegetarian restaurant, also situated at the Arcade, chanted holy verses. Gopal Chandra Mandal turned out to be the first Wellingtonian customer. He lit the first wick of the ceremonial lamp as guests and staff watched.

The first five customers who effected a transaction on the day of the inauguration would have their transfer fees permanently waived as a special gesture from the Relianz management.

Other customers then lit the remaining wicks of the lamps and the branch was well on its way to serve the capital’s customers with Relianz’s well-known friendly service. Pawan Mahajan and Maniraj Parvataneni will be serving Wellingtonians from the Lambton Quay branch.

The branch is fully integrated with the company’s six branches in Auckland being connected to the network through the company’s proprietary and secure communications platform. The company has recently added a new toll free number 0800 030609 to its existing 0508411111 in view of the increased number of enquiries from customers.

Like the branches in Auckland, the Wellington branch also offers fee-free bank transfers on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 5pm and 7pm for amounts of $1000 and more. The branch opens at 10am Monday to Saturday.



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