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Relianz's Last Minute Mother's Day Ideas

The National Retail Federation of the United States has conducted a survey on this year's Mother's Day spending behaviour, greeting cards and flowers have come on top, followed by special outing and gift cards. If you have yet to prepare an excellent present, or you have completely forgotten about it and seeing this post makes you panic - don't worry, we have come up some excellent last minute solutions (so you don't have to) that might just make your Mother's Day ten times better.

1. Make a Quick Transfer with Relianz Forex

Give your beloved mum some pocket money! Especially if she is very particular with her presents and you have a history of bad gift-giving. With Relianz Forex's specials such as Fee Free Tuesday & Thursday, Low Fee Transfers Every Day & Same Day Credit for all major currencies, you might just make it in time so your mum can go splurge on her favourites!

2. Weekend Road Trip

How about a weekend trip for some special family bounding time? Due to the tight timeframe and the late nature of the event, we recommend a therapeutical hot spring trip to Rotorua, a relaxing getaway to Mt Maunganui, or a sea-view stay on Waiheke Island! Relianz Travel is always there to sort out your car rental & accomodation needs!

3. Tell Her You Love Her and Give Her a Massage

What's better than expressing your love and gratitude to your mother on Mother's Day? Adding a massage on top! It would be better to treat her with a full pampering session at a spa but if that is too much to ask from you then at least give her a great neck and back massage at home.

4. Take Her Out For Dinner

Your mother probably has cooked thousands of meals for you and others in your family with no conditions needed. Cook for her for once, or take her out to a place she wouldn't usually go by herself. Maybe a scenic dinner at the top of Sky Tower or a great shout by the waterfront.

5. Future Travel Plan

Nothing can surprise mum more than a pre-arranged trip to Paris! Talk to one of our agents at Relianz Travel and make a travel plan customised to your mum's liking. Relianz Travel offers tour packages, air ticketing, hotel booking, car rentals, travel insurance and we take care of our customers down to the details of their dietary requirements. If you want to show your mum some love, we are the one-stop shop for all your needs.

Give us a free call at 0508 411 111, or email and We would love to hear from you.


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