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Relianz steps into Mortgage market

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

Author: Venkat Raman

Venkat Raman

The Relianz Group, which incorporates Relianz Forex Limited and Relianz Travel, has launched into the mortgage loans market, calling it the ‘Relianz Loan Bazaar.’

The new initiative is a natural extension of the Group’s experience and expertise in financial markets, with a sound knowledge of the rules and regulations in force, the guidance of the Financial Markets Authority and other regulatory mechanisms.

Logical Evolution

The ‘Relianz Loans Bazaar’ is also the logical evolution of Relianz Forex, a successful money exchange and remittance services company that has earned it respect for integrity, accountability, transparency and complete compliance of Anti-Money Laundering (AMLC) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) Act of 2009.

Announcing the move at the Relianz Group’s Ninth Anniversary celebrations held at the Wharf in Auckland’s North Shore, V Giridharan, Managing Director of the Relianz Group said that the operation of foreign exchange and foreign remittance business, which has grown to establish branches in Auckland (Dominion Road, where the Head Office is also located), The Central Business District (Queen Street), Avondale, Manurewa, Papatoetoe and Wellington, has enabled a proper understanding of the market, its growing needs and possible areas of interest.

Challenge and Adventure

“Our foray into the mortgage market with ‘Relianz Loan Bazaar’ is the most challenging and adventurous venture undertaken by us so far. One could be wearied to think that we might go wrong but I am confident that our team’s determination and self-confidence to succeed will never let us down,” he said.

Mortgage Brokerage business has been developed as a strong sector in New Zealand, following rigid guidelines and regulatory framework established by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, the Financial Markets Authority and the strictures of the lending institutions. Those operating mortgage business are expected to conform to high professional and ethical conduct- which have been in fact the norm at the Relianz Group.

Ninth Anniversary celebrations

The event, held at the Wharf on August 1, 2017 was primarily to mark the Ninth Anniversary of the Group. It also commemorated the first anniversary of Relianz Travel, launched at last year’s Eighth Anniversary Celebrations.

Speaking about the Travel Operations, Mr Giri said that growth has been consistent. Our customers have shown great faith in our product and service delivery for Air ticketing and Tours. The sale of air tickets and custom-made tour packages have been seeing impressive growth and we are looking at another year of hard work and growth,” he said.

Programme Highlights

Among the highlights of the evening was a speech by Dr Sharad Paul, a specialist in Skin Cancer Surgery with a medical practice on either side of the Tasman and an Adjunct Professor (Faculty of Health and Faculty of Creative Technologies) at the AUT University.

Guests at the Dinner meeting were also treated to a session of melody with a sitar recital by the Hamilton based Lester Silver, accompanied by Manjit Singh on the Tabla and Anand Thakore on Mandolin.

Many members of the Staff, working at various branches of the Group were recognised for their achievements over the past year with trophies and certificates.

Photo Caption:

  1. Chief Guest Dr Sharad Paul addressing the gathering

  2. Giridharan announces launch of ‘Relianz Loan Bazaar’

  3. Ashish Kumar Shrivastav lifts the first ‘Best Branch Rolling Trophy’ with Meghana Daiya

  4. The Giridharan Family (from left Usha, Niveditha, Giridharan and Namratha)

  5. Musical treat by Lester Silver (Sitar) Manjit Singh (Tabla) and Anand Thakore (Mandolin)

Pictures by Narendra Bedekar (Creative Eye Informatics)



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